The internet is full of fun, but it also makes a wonderful tool. Websites such as YouTube, Pinterest, eHow, and even a simple Google Image Search provide thousands of ideas and pieces of advice on organizing. There are how-to blogs covering everything from sorting office supplies to creating a bedroom set out of spare car parts. And of course there are the purely for-fun projects such as building a spaceship cockpit from broadcasting leftovers — ostensibly for the children, but who knows?

With all of these ways to repurpose “junk” around the house, it can be a scary thought to toss anything away. What if it’s useful? Not now, of course, but in a few months… Realize this: if you don’t have a concrete plan for something, and a definite place to put it, get rid of it! Plenty of other people will have “junk” for you when next you go looking to build that pirate ship cubby house.

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